Hyrox Fundamentals Course

Starting on the first Wednesday of each month, CrossFit NYC will be offering a semiprivate four-session course on the basics of Hyrox.

The four one-hour classes will cover pacing and efficient movement for all functional fitness aspects of Hyrox: Sled Push, Sled Pull, Rowing, Ski Erg, Burpee Broad Jumps, Walking Lunges, Farmers Carry, and Wall Balls

This course will be of value not only to those who intend to compete in a Hyrox race and/or Black Box Hyrox WOD’s, but also every aspect of this course has relevance to CrossFit.

Instructor: Coach Jim McDade

Location: 50 West 28th Street, Second Floor

Upcoming Times: January 3, 10, 17, 24 at 6:00 PM

You can register for an upcoming course here.

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