SCHEDULE OF Training Sessions

OUR Training Sessions

Our CrossFit program offers a mix of cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics and strength training in a fun, supportive group setting led by experienced CrossFit coaches. The workouts change each day and can be modified to help people at any age and level of fitness achieve their goals.
Olympic Weightlifting
This session focuses solely on Olympic Lifting technique and is led by coaches who have experience competing in the sport of weightlifting. The workouts vary between snatch, clean, and jerk and emphasize building technical proficiency in each lift.
Manhattan Barbell Club
This is a specialty session dedicated to training exclusively in Olympic Weightlifting where programming is laid out months in advance in order to peak for competitions throughout the year. To join the Manhattan Barbell Club, you need to be familiar with the Olympic Lifts, their variations, and have an interest in training for competitions.
Open Gym
Open Gym sessions have no suggested workout of the day. Instead, members can work out on their own and perform a variety of strength and conditioning movements or make up a missed workout. Staff on duty ensures the gym space remains organized and safe.

CrossFit NYC Pricing

All memberships subject to 4.5% NY State Tax

Those new to CrossFit (or returning after time off) should begin with a First-Month CrossFit membership ($299) that includes:

-(2) one-hour private training sessions up front
-Unlimited classes (following private training)
-No further obligation to continue

Those who have either completed a First-Month CrossFit membership or have equivalent CrossFit experience can choose from any of the membership options below:

Unrestricted Memberships (no time-of-day restrictions)

Unrestricted Month-To-Month

Unlimited Classes

10-Pack Classes


Unrestricted 3-Month Plan

Unlimited Classes


Unrestricted 12-Month Plan

Unlimited Classes

1st and 12th months up front
followed by 10 monthly payments


Midday Membership Plans

Includes all classes that start at or after 9:30 AM and at or before 4:30 PM

Midday Month-To-Month

Unlimited Midday Classes

10-Pack Midday Classes


Midday 3-Month Plan

Unlimited Midday Classes


Midday 12-Month Plan

Unlimited Classes

1st and 12th months up front
followed by 10 monthly payments