About CrossFit NYC

The oldest and largest CrossFit affiliate in New York.

Our story

CrossFit NYC was the first CrossFit affiliate in New York City and is now one of the five oldest CrossFit affiliates in the world (2005). We have supervised more CrossFit workouts than anyone else.

Our classes include scaling and substitution options that allow beginners as well as those who are older, less advanced, or recovering from injuries to proceed safely.

Those who are new to CrossFit start with two hours of private training with an experienced coach, included in a one-month (no further obligation) First-Month CrossFit membership.

If you’re wondering whether CrossFit NYC is right for you, just ask yourself whether you want to improve your fitness (regardless of where you are starting from)? If your answer is yes, then we want you as a member, and we will work hard with you to accomplish your goals.

Our Professional Coaches

Brian DeGennaro

Brian's athletic career began in high school, where he trained in gymnastics and competed in track and field (and became one of the original members of CrossFit NYC). Brian graduated from Syracuse University in 2012 with a BS in Exercise Science. He has been a full-time member of the CrossFit NYC coaching staff ever since. He has now coached over 10,000 classes at CrossFit NYC.

For the past twenty years, Brian has trained and competed in weightlifting. He also runs Black Box Barbell, an Olympic Lifting specialty program at CrossFit NYC. He has competed at numerous local and national events, earning some national medals along the way. Brian has trained many athletes to compete at local competitions, qualify for national level events, earn Master National medals, and set state Master records.

Brian typically coaches classes at CrossFit NYC Monday thru Thursday late afternoons and evenings.

If you are interested in the Black Box Barbell program or training privately with Brian, he can be reached at [email protected]

B.S. Exercise Science
USAW Level 2 Coach
CrossFit NYC Senior Coach
Manhattan Barbell Club Coach

Todd Brandon Morris

Todd graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Economics. After five years in the tech industry in San Francisco, he relocated to NYC .

Looking for a way to meet new people, Todd checked out CrossFit. He loved the community, but also found that CrossFit works!

As a member of the coaching staff since 2013, Todd has coached nearly 10,000 classes at CrossFit NYC. He is particularly focused on mobility and form, reducing injuries, and improving technique.

Outside of the box Todd runs OUT-FIT | Proud, a LGBTQIA fitness community. This includes workouts for the Queer community as well as personal training.

To learn more about Todd or reach out to him about private training his website is www.tbmfit.com..


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate
CrossFit Judges Certificate
CrossFit Kettlebell Certificate
CrossFit Mobility Certificate
CrossFit Strongman Certificate
CrossFit Weightlifting Certificate
CrossFit NYC Coaching Mentorship Program

Jim McDade

Jim's athletic career began early in life with Soccer and Baseball but became competitive in High School with Soccer and Track & Field. He went on to compete in college in Track & Field and Rowing. After college he continued to compete, having reached elite levels in 2 sports: Rowing (PennAC, NYAC with 2K Row @ 6:16, 5K Row @ 16:46) and Cycling (Cat 2).

Jim competed at the 2011 CrossFit Regionals in the Team Division, placing 5th in the Northeast. He currently enjoys tearing it up with the classes every chance he gets.

Jim has a BAS in Exercise Science from University of Delaware and MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies from Baruch College Zicklin School of Business. He was formerly a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association before adopting CrossFit’s core methodology in 2010. He opened CrossFit 212 in 2011 and sold it in January 2020. Jim teaches CrossFit NYC’s 28th Stret morning classes 3x per week and lunchtime/midday classes 3x per week. He also regularly subs and trains privates at the Columbus Avenue location