CrossFit NYC is pleased to announce Black Box Hyrox, a strength program for runners.Hyrox is becoming known as “The World Series of Fitness Racing”In 2023 there will be over 40 Hyrox Races around the world, with over 90,000 participating athletes. 

Hyrox Race (run indoors) consists of 8 Rounds of:Run 1 K plus a functional fitness event each round:  Ski Erg, Sled Push, Sled Pull, Burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Farmers Carry, Sandbag Lunges, and Wall Balls. 

Black Box Hyrox classes at CrossFit NYC will focus on these eight functional fitness movements in various combinations to improve your conditioning for the Hyrox race itself.  This goal-oriented focus on conditioning (energy system training) will dramatically improve your fitness. 

The Black Box Hyrox Program will be run by Senior Coach Jim McDade. Initial classes will be on Saturdays at 9:45 AM, 11:00 AM, and 12:15 PM at 50 West 28th Street, starting October 28th, 2023. Our Flatiron facility is perfect for all the movements, and our coaching staff has more experience teaching functional fitness then anyone else in the City.

For CrossFit NYC members at both locations, the Black Box Hyrox Saturday at 12:15 PM will be included with your current membership plan (similar to theOlympic Lifting classes that are available on Wednesday’s as an alternative to the CrossFit WOD).

The Black Box Hyrox classes at 9:45 AM and 11:00 AM will be run similar to the Black Box Barbell Program. They will have a separate charge ($199 for a 5-Pack for non members, and half price forCrossFit NYC members) and will be programmed for those who wish to compete in Hyrox Races. Membership in the Black Box Hyrox Program will not require a CrossFit NYC membership.

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