Coaching and Being Coached

CrossFit NYC is an all coaching facility. Other than during specifically designated Open Gym times, we run classes. Unlike most group fitness classes, CrossFit NYC classes are run by coaches whose jobs include correcting members during the workout.

To make sure you get the most out of your membership, we ask that you to commit to being coachable. We pick coaches who root for their members’ progress, and we ask you to assume that when a coach make a suggestion or a correction, he or she is doing so specifically with the hope of helping you move better, safer, and more efficiently. If you want a bit more feedback (or a bit less) please let your coach know.

We also ask a few other things: Please try to arrive to class on time. A great deal of effort goes into explaining the WOD and demonstrating the movements, scaling, and substitutions. Please try to find a spot on the floor that is close to the coach and the rest of the class. And please don’t wear air pods or use your phone during times when the coach is coaching.

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